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About Nutraplus India

Overview & History

Founded in 1990, Nutraplus is a veteran producer of bulk drugs / active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), specialty chemicals & intermediates. Manufacturing unit was commissioned to make APIs and Intermediates in 1995. Currently, the company operates through its three FDA and CGMP approved manufacturing facilities, producing APIs and Intermediates.

Date of Incorporation : February 06, 1990.

Date of Commencement of Business : February 06, 1990.

Chairman & Managing Director : Mr. Mukesh Dhirubhai Naik.

Values, Mission & Vision

Nutraplus India ltd believes in the mantra of growth and affordability of medicines and we live by it:

"Growth is life. The only way we know forward is to Grow"

"We never try to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not only for profits. The profits follow and if we have remembered that, they have never failed to appear"

Board Of Directors

Mr.Mukesh Dhirubhai Naik
Current Position: Chairman and Managing Director
Education:B.E. (Chemical)
Brief: Mr. Mukesh D. Naik has been a veteran in the pharmaceutical industry, with an experience of more 35 years. He has an experience in setting up more than 15 plants all over India on turnkey basis. Mukesh Naik had joined Nutraplus on 6 February 1990.

Mr.Dilip Pimple
Current Position : Technical Director
Education : B.E. (Chemical)
Brief: Mr. Dilip Pimple has been instrumental in the functioning of Nutraplus. He has formidable experience and knowledge of the industry and has experience of working with companies such as IDI (Mafatlal Group Company) and Aarti Drugs

Mr.Uday Desai
Current Position : Director
Education : B.E. (Chemical)
Brief: Mr. Uday Desai has been responsible for the complete supply chain management of Nutraplus. He has been associated with the company since 15 March 2002.

Mr.Nirad Mehta
Current Position : Independent Non-Executive Director
Education : B.Com
Brief: Mr. Nirad Mehta is acting as an Independent non-executive director on the Board of Nutraplus. He has 23 years of experience in banking sector and currently working as a consultant for export and finance.

Ms. Nidhi Naik
Current Position : Executive Formulation
Education : B. Pharm, MBA
Brief: Ms. Naik is part of the team working on future formulations project in discussion.